Connecting Your Trailer to Your Vehicle

18th February, 2021 by rvSafe Team
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Follow our step by step guide to connecting your caravan or trailer to your vehicle.


1/ Check over the trailer ensuring tyre pressures are correct, gas cylinders are turned off and all water/electrical connections are disconnected.

2/ Make sure you have attached your towing mirrors to your vehicle.

3/ Ensure you have wound up your jockey wheel to a height that will allow the tow ball to clear under the coupling head.

4/ Reverse your tow vehicle so the tow ball is positioned beneath the coupling head.

5/ Pull the coupling latch up so you can lower onto the tow ball. Do not leave the coupling latch up when not in use as you will wear out the spring.

6/ Lower the jockey wheel so that the coupling hitch fits over the tow ball and takes the weight of the trailer.

7/ Lower the coupling latch to secure the hitch over the ball ensuring it has connected properly and put the pin through the coupling latch to make sure it stays in place.

8/ Put the jockey wheel into is travelling position or remove and stow as necessary.

9/ Attach the safety chains below the hitch to your tow bar using D-shackles. If you have two chains, cross underneath the hitch. If the trailer was to become unhitched, it will fall and be held up by the chains.

10/ Plug your trailer’s electrical lead into the vehicles socket.

11/ For trailers over 2-tonne, connect the breakaway lanyard to the tow bar.

12/ Disengage the trailer’s handbrake.

13/ Remove any chocks from the tyres.

14/ Check that all the trailer lights are working.

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