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Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle

16th July, 2021 by rvSafe Team
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Trucks and vehicles over 7.5 metres long that display a ‘Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle’ sign on the back are legally allowed to take up more than one lane to turn corners, intersections and roundabouts. They can even use a right turn only lane to turn left or a left turn only lane to turn right.

So, whether you’re turning left, right or you are at a roundabout, do not drive past or overtake a turning truck unless you are absolutely sure it’s safe to do so.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regular’s program “We need Space” clearly explains why you should not overtake a turning truck. If a caravan or motorhome has a ‘Do Not Overtaking Turning Vehicle’ sign attached, the same rules apply.

Who needs a sign? 

Vehicles MUST be fitted with ‘Do Not Overtake’ signs if the vehicle or combination is 7.5 metres or more in length and they have to straddle lanes or turn from an adjacent lane in order to turn left or right at intersections.

Rear Marking Plates

Rear Marking Plates must be fitted to:

  • Motor vehicles with GVM over 12 tonne (NC category)
  • Trailers with GTM over 10 tonne (TD category)
  • Buses with GVM over 12 tonne (certain ME category), except those fitted with hand grips or similar equipment for standing passengers.

Rear Marking Plates may be fitted to:

  • Any motor vehicle with less than 12 tonne GVM
  • Any trailer less than 10 tonnes GTM.

Installation of Do Not Overtake signs:

Note: For vehicles in NSW, larger ‘do not overtake turning vehicle’ signs than those specified in VSB12 are required. For more information about these local requirements, please contact Transport for New South Wales.

  • Maximum of 500mm space from each side of vehicle
  • Maximum of 2000mm gap from ground to bottom of sign


For further information check out VSB12 National Code of Practice Rear Marking Plates


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