rvSafe Joins Drive to Prevent Regional Road Trauma

10th September, 2021 by rvSafe Team
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rvSafe is proud to be supporting the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) in the drive to prevent road trauma during Rural Road Safety Month!

With two in three road deaths occurring on regional roads,1 new research from the ARSF2 has detailed why all Australians have a personal responsibility to take greater action.

The research revealed that high risk rural roads are used by almost all Australians (94%) at least once a year, and in fact, more than four in 10 drivers utilise regional roads at least once a week.

To further drive awareness for the disparity between fatalities in regional and urban areas, rvSafe will be sharing content across its social media channels this Rural Road Safety Month!

With the RV community utilising rural and regional roads across Australia, we recognise that rvSafe must play an integral role in communicating key messages from ARSF.

The ARSF research also confirmed that it is not just regional residents utilising local regional roads. Personal travel (31%) and visiting friends and family (27%) were cited as the top two primary reasons for utilising rural roads – both ahead of living in the area (22%).

Road authorities are concerned these risks may increase in the wake of Covid-19 flight fears. The report confirmed that nearly half of the population (49%) are more likely to drive longer trips this year.

ARSF Founder and CEO Russell White said the research helped to explain the high disparity between the number of road deaths occurring regionally compared to urban areas.

“We now have strong evidence that when it comes to preventing road trauma in regional areas, Australians from metropolitan areas carry an equal responsibility to local residents,” Mr White said.

The research showed that a quarter of Australian drivers are more likely to break a road rule when in regional areas. Most alarmingly, however, was the frequency of this high-risk behaviour.

The ARSF’s research found that more than one in 10 drivers are breaking road rules daily, double the numbers in metropolitan areas.

Mr White said a key takeaway from the research, however, was that three in 10 Australians are taking additional risks in regional areas because they wrongly think it’s safe, or that they won’t get caught.

“The risks being taken are choices. It just really goes to show that empowering more people to choose road safety is going to have the biggest impact on reducing the tragic loss of life and serious injury on our roads,” he said.

This Rural Road Safety Month, as regular uses of rural and regional roads, we’re calling out for the RV community to be the change you want to see on the road. Take the pledge to make a difference!

Before your next RV adventure on our regional and rural roads (and all other roads), pledge to:

  • Always be fit to drive
  • Stay focused on the road
  • Scan the road ahead
  • Keep a safe distance
  • Drive to suit the conditions

Over the next few weeks, keep an out across our social media channels. We encourage the RV community to engage with the Rural Road Safety Month content we share.

 Choose road safety and be the difference you want to see on the road!

[1] Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communication, BITRE Road Deaths Database, accessed 1 July 2021

[2] Research conducted by Pure Profile on behalf of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, June 2021, n=1501 nationally representative by gender, age and location of Australian drivers aged 18 years and over

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