Safe Caravanning this Easter Holiday

29th March, 2021 by rvSafe Team
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As police prepare to focus on caravan safety this Easter holiday period, caravanners can learn about RV road safety at

rvSafe is funded by the Federal Government and supported by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) and highlights important RV road safety information that should not be ignored.

Factors such as weight restrictions, weight distribution and tyre age and pressure are just a few things to be addressed before your vehicle leaves the driveway.

CMCA CEO Richard Barwick says that “We have been advised that police will be targeting caravanners this holiday period, and rvSafe is a program that has all RV road safety information you need so you don’t get caught out.”

“There are a lot of factors many people don’t consider before heading off on their holidays, whether it be a short or long break, which can often lead to minor and major incidents and/or hefty fines.”

Mr Barwick says “People tend to overpack their vehicles because they do not know their vehicle’s weight restrictions, and this itself can lead to accidents, hefty fines and void insurance. Even the way people pack their caravans can be dangerous, especially if weight isn’t distributed properly.”

rvSafe aims to educate people about weight and weight distribution, as well as towing, communication, road rules, speed, licensing and much more.

“Common road safety practices such as checking tyre pressure and age are often ignored and, in most cases, people don’t know what to do in a case of emergency” said Mr Barwick.

rvSafe has developed educational and instructive material available to all RV users across Australia, which will ensure people remain safe on our roads.

Visit for articles and videos that will assist in minimising incidents and keep you out of trouble this Easter.


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Wylva Hall

Project Coordinator

02 497888788

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